Wednesday, 31 October 2018

MY OGA'S WIFE - Episode 2

24dailyinfo Story - MY OGA'S WIFE - Episode Two

Turning back to face her i found her naked, her towel laid on the floor while she sat completely nude on the bed, her pussy hair was neatly groomed and well shaved and her boobs stood proudly erect like those of a teenager.

I couldn't understand why she would go naked in front of me, my thought were maybe she and her husband wants to test me and i could very much recall similar stories about house boys been tested by their Oga & madam but none of the stories involved a naked madam.


I knew my facial expression was one no writer can fully describe, i was both bewildered and expectant even when i knew this is a forbidden encounter my dick stood erect pushing the boxers i was wearing to it limit. Madam's eyes were already burning my crotch as she stare at the big tent my
dick had made. I couldn't move from the spot i was, watching my madam seemed like
an out of body experience.

Sensing my reluctance to join her, she stood up and walked to where i stood her breast
bouncing with every move she made.

The kiss though slow and wet ignited a flame deep within me making me throw caution to the wind as i deepen the kiss my hands seemed to be doing their own thing as my right hand went straight to massaging her virgina while the other hand was supporting her since it seemed her legs couldn't.

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All this while her hands were on my dick massaging and rubbing it to life i can't say how many times we stumbled before magically getting to the bed.

Her moan of pleasure was music to my ears as i felt her breathe increase my hand instinctively
went wild as i began finger fucking her the oh and ah from her increased with the
speed of my fingers going in and out of her.

My mouth found her breast as i fondle and sucked giving each of the twin equal
attention, Sparms of errotic current washed over her as she came my finger was covered
in her come, i was also close to falling of the edge when the unmistakable sound of a car horn brought me back to reality, WHATS!!??. Who could be at the gate?


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