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Pastor's Second wife Episode 3

24dailyinfo Story - Pastor’s second Wife – Episode 3

Can you see what I have been through all these years? I have made up my mind more than twenty times never to have anything to do with this pastor again but I have repeatedly found myself going back to my vomit again. You have seen it yourself, Stella lamented.

This is obviously why many people cannot resist sexual advances from pastors. I began to confess my sins for all the evil I have said concerning the ladies who were found to have illicit affairs with pastors. My dear sisters reading this story, hear my advice; stay away from the anointed, you may not be able to resist the temptation.
Now back to the main issue about Stella’s pregnancy.

I began to tell myself I won’t involve myself in this evil act again. Whatsoever that will happen should happen, I am out this time. I needed to also be careful not to hurt Stella. I must present it to her in a manner it won’t hurt her. Even though I am yet to overcome the lust I suddenly developed for Stella’s man after he accidentally touched my breast, did I say Stella’s man?

I mean our pastor. Maybe I should discuss my feelings with my resident pastor. But my resident pastor is junior to pastor Olumodeji. I waved that idea away, a junior pastor cannot handle a case involving a senior pastor.

Three weeks later, Stella had finished arrangements on her plan to disappear and move to a new location where no one knows her. But where exactly are you going to? Who are you going to meet over there? I asked Stella. I will like to keep this away from you. I know when my people start looking for me you will surely bring them to where I am. Trust me, I will be fine, I can take care of myself and my baby. Just let this be a secret between us.

My action will save the church a whole lot of trouble, She said. I couldn’t hold back my tears for fear of what will befall my friend. How will she survive with three months pregnancy in a strange land? What will I tell people when they start looking for her? How will I ever explain that I don’t know the where about of my best friend?

I hope this will not land me into trouble. Fear began to find its way into my heart.
Managing fear, lust and loneliness was the most difficult thing to do at the same time. Fear for my friend, lust for pastor and loneliness created by the absence of my friend.

I became extremely overwhelmed and sick. Since Stella left, pastor Olumodeji had not given me rest with calls and text messages. I have been avoiding his calls and messages just to stay away from him. I had planned to go for 3 days mountain prayers to deal with all these issues confronting me.

On the Friday I was to go for my mountain prayers, before 7 am, pastor Olumodeji stormed my house unannounced. I was so shocked to see him. When he knocked at the door, I just ordered him to come in without even asking who it was. Sir, what are you doing in my house this early? I managed to ask him without salutation. “Where is Stella?”, he asked too without courtesy.

Sir, I should be the one asking you where Stella is. She’s carrying your baby and you should know her whereabout. Sir, nothing must happen to my friend. You better find her wherever you have taken her to.

My senior pastor knelt down and began to beg me. “Please tell me where Stella is.” Please sir, you are embarrassing me by kneeling before me. I will not leave here until you take me to where Stella is, he insisted. What’s this o God, what would I tell this man? He obviously knows I knew about Stella’s disappearance but he will never believe me if I tell him I don’t know her whereabout.

I moved closer to him to lift him up from his knees but couldn’t due to his weight. Halfway he slipped out of my hands and landed on my bed. Trying to regain my balance I staggered and fell on top of him. He tried to lift me up but I fell again and this time none of us was ready to make any attempt to disengage again.


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We began to look at each other, eye balls to eye balls.
I guess you are anxious to know what happened next. It was an ugly experience.
Pastor Olumodeji just took advantage of me. I would have called it rape but I never resisted him. Was he here to discuss Stella’s case or he came here to have his way with me? How did this happen? It was too sudden to believe.

How can my senior pastor have carnal knowledge of me right on my bed?
Mercy what happened to you? I couldn’t explain what just happened to me.

I felt empty and guilty. I was lost in deep thought when he sneaked out of my apartment. When I realized he was not in the room I wept bitterly. I had wanted to commit suicide but suicide was not as easy as many think. I hated myself and pastor Olumodeji. Right there I made up my mind I won’t attend our church again.

I will resign my role as the choir leader and quit every relationship with members of the church. This is an abomination of the highest order. I had condemned many ladies who fell for pastors, and here am I in the same net of illicit affair with my own pastor.
I couldn’t go for my planned retreat again because of what just happened between me and pastor Olumodeji.

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I saw myself as a lamb at the altar of pastor Olumodeji. For a whole week, I didn’t eat anything nor did I go out. My colleagues in the office called me until my phone battery ran down. No one knew my house in my office, so none of them checked on me.

My choir members were trooping into my house thinking I was sick. I became tired of the visitation so I left my house and went and hid myself in Faith’s house.

Faith lives with her parents but she has a room to herself and her parents know me too well. I had passed the night twice in their house before.
The day I returned back to my house, I noticed my house had been so dusty for the period I was away. I pulled off my clothes and put on a bum short and sleeveless top to enable me tidy up my room. As I stretched my hand to the back of my door to pick my broom, I heard a knock on my door. Who is that? I queried.

Before I could go for the door, he had entered my room.. Guess who? Pastor Olumodeji again.
What are you doing here again Deji? I wasn’t afraid to call him by his name because he has traded his respect with a round of sex. Deji is 15 years older than me and we call him daddy but God forbid that I should call a man who sexually abused me daddy.


I am sorry for what happened that day, it was the work of the devil, he began to beg. I have forgiven you. Please you have to leave now, I don’t want a repeat of what happened that day again. Leave before you use your charm on me again. I tried pushing him away showing him the door, but he was reluctant.

I told myself it won’t happen today like it happened the other day so I pushed him harder towards the door. I am still your pastor sister Mercy, he reminded me in a gentle way. Immediately he said that I remembered the sermon our G.O preached during the workers’ conference two years ago titled; “Touch Not My Anointed”.

So I stopped pushing him. Sir you have to go, I don’t want you here anymore. Please go! Please go!! Please go!!! I will go if only you can tell me where Stella is, he gave me this condition and leaned on my door blocking the door.

I don’t know her where about and you must believe me. If I knew her where about I would have revealed it to you so you can let me be. As he stood there, tears rolled down his cheeks.

How can my pastor be crying in front of me? I felt very bad and I joined him in shedding tears. I wish I knew where Stella was, I would have told him. As he was trying to wipe away his tears, I felt pity for him. He tried to hide his tears but they dropped uncontrollably.

I picked my handkerchief from my bag and stretched it towards him. He took the handkerchief from me and held my hand, I am sorry for what happened that day, he begged. I stopped being rude to him after I remembered the sermon of our G.O.

He held me and stylishly moved his hands towards my shoulder and to my armpit and before I could struggle to detach myself from his grip, he had turned my back to the bed again. Please sir don’t do it to me again, I begged him but all my plea fell on deaf ears.
He did it again!

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