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Lost In Lust - Episode Sixteen

On Monday, I went to work by public transport. I left earlier than Naomi as my working place was farther. Besides, I was still working in the private sector unlike Naomi who was working in a government organization. I got to the office on time and shared the space with Mr. Ette. But we would be working mostly outdoors, as events later showed. We were at the depot to supervise loading and offloading of products.

I also realized that the nature of my job required that I stopped wearing suit or ties. That was not strange to me, having been trained as an engineer. My first day at work was eventful. We closed at work at five. I returned to my Off Isawo road residence, despite the allure of Naomi‟s place.

On Tuesday morning, I left home by five and was at my new place of work by few minutes to eight. Earning more money definitely meant going through more stress. I had decided that I would be staying over at Naomi‟s place on Sunday evening and Wednesday night, to ease the stress of going to work. She whole heartedly welcomed the idea.

After a week on my new job, I got a call from Tinu, madam‟s secretary.
„She wants to see you in her office,‟ she informed.
„Okay.‟ I was at the depot when the call came. I told Mr. Ette that madam wanted to see me and left for the office. Tinu ushered me into madam‟s office as soon as I got there.

„Good morning, madam,‟ I greeted, giving a bow.
She looked up at me in a smile. „Good morning, Ola. Please, sit down.‟
I sat down.
„Yes, I‟ve got reports about you. I've been told you‟re very hard-working. I like that. Keep it up.‟
„Thank you, madam.‟

„What‟s the relationship between you and Naomi?‟ she asked.
„She‟s my fiancée. We‟re planning to marry.‟
She nodded. „She told me so. You love her?‟
I was beginning to wonder what kind of question that was. If I didn‟t love her, would I want to marry her?
„Yes, ma‟am. Sure.‟

She nodded again. „I like it when your couples are full of love and compassion for each other. It was like that between my husband and me. Peter was such a loving man before he became a philanderer. Anyway, that is by the wayside. I will not stop your love for Naomi. As I said she‟s a good lady.‟

She paused to assess my attentiveness and could see that I was keenly listening to her.
„I like you, Ola.‟
It was as if a bomb had dropped. Did I really hear what I thought I had heard? „Pardon, ma‟am?‟
She picked the intercom and spoke into it. „Tinu, I don‟t want any disturbance, please.‟
I was staring at her and everything looked like I was watching a movie. She turned to look at me.

„Let me repeat what I said. I said I like you a lot and would want us to be intimate. It would not stop your love for Naomi, of course. Go ahead and marry her. It will also not disturb your work here. We‟ll always pretend that nothing was between us.

There are many fringe benefits for you, of course. You will treat Big Mummy nice and she too will treat you nice. What do you say to that?‟
I must be acting a Nollywood movie, I thought. Unfortunately, there were no producer, no director and no camera men. This was for real.

„Are you joking, madam?‟ I asked.
„Joking?‟ she shook her head and stood up. „I don‟t have time for jokes, Ola.‟ She moved from her seat and came over to my side. „I can transform your life to an unimaginable level,‟ she continued. She stared at me. „You‟re such a fine, young man. She placed her right hand on my shoulder. „So, what d‟you say to all I've said.‟


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„I don‟t believe you,‟ I said.
She looked at me curiously and burst into laughter. „What is it that you don‟t believe? Alright, let me show you. Maybe you‟ll believe now.‟
She went back to her desk and opened her briefcase. She removed a bundle of one thousand naira notes and came to throw it on my lap.

„That‟s for you. More will come. My dear, d‟you believe me now?‟
I stared at the money and stared at her. The whole scene was incredible.
She smiled again. „I like your type. In fact, I love your type. You know what? Think over it. By tomorrow, give me your answer. Good bye for now.‟

I stood up.
„Wait.‟ She took the money, put it in a big brown envelope and handed it to me. „My regards to Naomi.‟
I nodded but could not stay a word. Slowly, I made my way out of her office. In my office, I sat down and rubbed my eyes. I looked at my hand and saw the bulky envelop. I opened it. The money was there – a bundle of one thousand naira notes. That would be one hundred thousand naira. Did that woman just throw one hundred thousand naira on my lap just like that? Wow, that was amazing!

At the close of work, I drove home thinking about Big Mummy and her crazy proposition. I was in a big quandary. One mind said I should not miss her offer. The woman apart from being a successful business woman was also highly politically connected. Surely, the impact Naomi could exert looked insignificant when compared with what this woman could pull.

Another mind warned me. This was purely lust and it was dangerous, the mind said. Return her money and politely tell her you were not interested. If the worst came to the worst, she would ask you to quit her job. The worst scenario was to go back to the bakery and continue from where I stopped. Besides, I had promised Naomi to be faithful and she had warned of bad consequence if I should break the promise.

But what was this stuff about Naomi threatening that there would be consequences if I should cheat on her? What consequence? Would I be the first person to cheat on a woman, or would I be the last?
Big Mummy had given me up to the following morning to give her my response. That would be okay. I still had some hours to ponder. At home, Naomi called me to ask if I was enjoying the new job.
„Well, so far so good,‟ I said cautiously. I dared not mention Big Mummy‟s offer.

„I‟m sure as time goes on, you will enjoy the work,‟ she said. „There are many prospects in the oil and gas industry.‟
„I think you‟re right,‟ I said. „Thanks for all your caring.‟
„Just be careful, Ola. Don‟t allow any lady or anyone to distract your love for me.‟
I felt she was giving a premonition. „Don‟t you worry, Naomi darling,‟ I said. „My love for you is undiluted.‟

„Oh, I love you, Ola.‟
„I love you my darling, Naomi,‟ I replied.
By the following morning, I had decided I would say no to Big Mummy. I would apologize for keeping her waiting and would tell her that Naomi was so precious to me I could not afford to hurt her. After some minutes in my office, I decided to go and see the woman.

„Good morning, Tinu,‟ I greeted the secretary. „Can I see madam?‟
Tinu shook her head. „Sorry, she‟ll not be coming to the office today. She traveled to Abuja.‟
„Any idea of when she‟s coming back?‟
„No idea.‟
I sighed. „Alright.‟

I had decided to return the money that she gave me the other time. I would have to wait till she came back before I would be able to give her back the money. I decided I would not spend a dime from it.
After closing from work that day, I went to Naomi‟s place as we had arranged. I tried to be as loving and as caring as possible.

On Thursday morning, I found out that madam had still not come back. No problem, I would wait. I went to the depot to continue the work there. At about eleven o „clock, I got a call from Big Mummy herself.
„It‟s an honor to hear from you, madam,‟ I said. „I've been eager to give my response to the issue of the other day.‟
„Whatever you have to say, meet me at the company‟s guest house.‟

She cut the line. The guest house was not too far from the company. I was told the company sometimes lodged some guests there – officially, of course.
I went to the place, and I was directed to the suite-like room where madam was staying. I had brought my bag with me. I had the envelope containing the money inside it and I intended to return it.
I rapped softly on the door. A voice from inside said I should come in. Gingerly, I opened the door and stepped inside.

Big Mummy was alone in the exquisitely furnished room. She had a bottle of champagne and two glasses set on the stool before her. She was obviously expecting someone.
„Good morning, madam,‟ I greeted.
„Good morning, Ola. Come and join me.‟
I hesitated.
„Come on.‟ She smiled.
I took a couple of steps and stopped. „I actually wanted to tell you, madam that I would not be able to play the role you wanted me to play,‟ I said. „I‟m sorry I can‟t.‟
„What role?‟ she asked.


I blinked rapidly. „Er, I‟m referring to what you told me the other time, ma.‟
The smile still played on her face. „What did I tell you the other time?‟
I became uncomfortable with her questioning. Why was she asking all these?
„I mean that thing you said about treating me right and me treating you right.‟
„So, what‟s wrong with it?‟

„Er.. I love Naomi and I don‟t want to hurt her. I don‟t want to be unfaithful to her, madam.‟
She laughed. „Who is asking you to be unfaithful?‟
I opened my mouth but could not think of a word to say.
„Come and sit down, Ola.‟

I sighed and sat opposite her. If I said I was not surprised by the turn of event, I would be lying.
She poured some drinks inside the second glass and handed it to me. Again, I hesitated.
„Come on,‟ she urged.
I took the drinks and some sips.

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„It‟s like you misunderstood what I said and what I meant,‟ she said. „But let me ask you, and I want an honest answer: did you think I was talking about us having sexual relationship?‟
I gulped. Was that not what she was talking about? „Well, yes, madam. I definitely understood what you said to mean that there will be sexual relationship between us.‟
„Seriously?‟ She laughed. „Honestly, Ola, you have such a dirty mind. At fifty-one, d‟you still think I‟ll be crazy about sex?‟
„Er, I don‟t know ma.‟

„I‟m old enough to be your mother,‟ she went on. „Yes, it‟s true I said I wanted intimacy between us and that there should be mutual treating of each other right, but I didn‟t mean it in the sexual way. „
I felt a little bit relaxed, but was still uneasy. „I‟m sorry for miss-interpreting you, madam.‟
„It‟s okay. You young men are like that. You‟re always so full of energy and are quick to jump to conclusion.‟
She looked at me intently.

„You remind me of my first son,‟ she went on. „I lost him a couple of years ago, and seeing you brought a deluge of his memories to me.‟
„I‟m sorry about that,‟ I answered.

„Stop saying you‟re sorry.‟ She smiled to ease the scolding tone. „Dave was a very fine young man like you before he met with a gruesome automobile accident. He was planning to take his heartthrob to the altar when disaster struck.‟

„I …I‟m sorry to hear that,‟ I repeated.
„The intimacy I‟m talking about is having someone to talk to – like now. It is an intimacy that has nothing to do with sexuality.‟

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