Sunday, 23 December 2018

Sometimes the HEARTBREAK isn't really in the breakup

Sometimes the HEARTBREAK isn't really in the breakup.

The heartbreak is the shits your ex says about you and the horrible lies others who heard from
him/her keep spreading. The heartbreak is the bad person everyone now sees you as. The terrible mental picture people have about the innocent you.

The heartbreak is the insults you receive from people who barely know you but take sides from
all they heard about you. The heartbreak is in the ungratefulness. The meaness. The cruelty. Yea.....It can be so heartbreaking!

But guess what......? Karma is real and it saw that!

Don't let what anyone, let alone an ex says about you, get to you. No human should be given the power to validate you or your happiness and existence on earth. The hate, lies, rumours, evil and shits said about you, can never stop God's blessings when He's ready to bless you.


Your King/Queen far better than the rest shall locate you. And you'll be thankful why it didn't work out with every other. Most breakups aren't disappointments, but huge blessings.

Keep Kinging and Queening.

You deserve the best! My name is Unyime Ekwere Bassey, Your experienced motivator.


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