Friday, 2 August 2019

Mother In Law – Epis 4

Mother-In-Law – Episode 4

Janet gave so much thoughts to the small box her mother in-law gave her, but could not decide if it would be wrong not to go ahead with what she told her to do. Though it bothered her, she just could not see how Mrs. Asibong would want to harm her own son. “Emanuel is her son, perhaps she is right about his having issues with performing well in bed,” she mumbled under her breath. Much to her surprise, Emanuel was standing next to her.

“What were you saying to yourself?” he asked, startling her. “Oh God! You had me scared! Why did you sneak up on me?” she asked, hitting him lamely with both hands. Emanuel took her in his hands and kissed her passionately. She melted in his hands and whispered, “I can’t wait for us to get to our hotel.” “Neither can I,” replied Emanuel.

“I think at this moment; I am happy we decided to wait till marriage. It suddenly looks awesome,” she said in-between planting several kisses all over his face.“I am glad we waited. It was worth it,” Emanuel said as he led her back into the bar. A few hours later, they left the bar and were driven to their hotel.

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With much anticipation, both of them looked forward to the night. In the heat of the sizzling passion between them in their hotel room, Janet found a good reason to slip the ribbon on Emanuel’s male organ. She had done it expertly, leaving Emanuel thinking it was all part of their foreplay. “What was that? It felt magical. Could you do it again?” Emanuel requested.

She was happy to hear the ribbon left a pleasurable feeling on him and so was glad to put it back on him and left it on him as they went on with foreplay.When she finally took it off and placed it back in the small box, Emanuel felt a pulsating strength surge through him.

“I don’t know what it is, but I feel different. I feel like I can take a thousand women at once right now,” he said breathlessly. “You have to take me first before you can think of a thousand women,” Janet protested. With that, Emanuel took her on and left her in cloud nine all night long. Before morning, they took a break and dozed off. By dawn, Janet could not tell what happened to the ribbon.

While they slept after consummating their marriage, something had stealthily entered the room and left with the ribbon. She was certain that she dropped it on the floor, just a little under the bed. She did not like the idea of the ribbon taking wings and flying away by night.

A million and one thoughts went through her mind about the ribbon.However, when Emanuel finally found the small black box in her bag, she relaxed a bit. Sadly, for them, the box was empty. “You know what baby; I don’t remember placing the box in my hand bag. How did it get in there and where is the ribbon?” “I don’t have a clue honey.

The last I saw of it was you removing it from my body and…maybe dropping it on the floor. Don’t bother about the ribbon, we don’t need it, do we? Well, it felt good when we used it, but I think we can do without it…okay if it is important to you, we can order another one.”

He had thought she bought it for their honeymoon. The fear of explaining to him how she got it made her give him the impression that it was no big deal it went missing.By this time, she was a bit uncomfortable. “What if he doesn’t perform well? Was I meant to use it twice.


What if I buy a new one and it doesn’t give him the same pleasure?” Her multiple worries were finally put to rest when Emanuel blew her away once again that morning. “I doubt anyone has ever enjoyed their honeymoon like we have so far! You are something else, baby,” Janet said gasping for breath. “I feel like I am only just beginning.

Are you ready for more?” “Give me a few minutes,” Janet replied, happy her mother in-law had given her the ribbon.All the days of their honeymoon were filled with fireworks when they were together on the bed. They had left the hotel three days later and flew to Monaco where they spent the rest of their honeymoon. The pleasures of those days would be completely forgotten when their problems would begin…

To Be Continued...

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