Friday, 2 August 2019

Mother In Law – Epis 5

Mother In Law – Episode 5

Gold Bank, Mrs. Asibong’s office
“Have you received the gift?” Mrs. Asibong asked Udo. “Yes Eme, the lords are grateful you obeyed them.” “I would be happy if my son is allowed to enjoy his new wife for some time before his strength begins to fail him.” “Your requests are becoming too much Eme. I think you should spend some time with the lords and make them realize how you feel about this. As for me, you are not going to hear from me or even see me for the next fourteen years.

My job is done here.” And that was it. Udo dropped the call. Mrs. Asibong was not happy the way he left and so tried to call him back, but was told the number she dialed was not in existence. Udo had been using one of their magic spells to speak with her over the phone.


She ran to one of the drawers in her office, unlocked it and removed a small plastic container. She uncorked the container and poured out some white powder from it into her hand. For a few minutes she held her breath to concentrate. Then her lips began to move irregularly until her words became faintly audible. She was making some incantations.

Above head, from the air conditioner vent, foggy mist began to waft into her office, then she blew the powder into the air and was gone from her office in that instant.

The Chapel, Ogun State

Mrs. Asibong appeared on the doorstep of the chapel, her face contorted with anger. For fractions of minutes, she stood on the step and looked around, there were over fifty worshipers outside the chapel. Then she stormed into the chapel, and went straight to the altar. Kneeling down, she said some prayers. At her right hand, a door creaked open and a man, dressed like a monk waved at her and she stood to her feet and hurried toward him. “All your requests have been deposited here, and the lords have read them.

You must wait for their reply,” the man said. “I am glad they listened quickly,” she said as the man led her to a seat. This section of the chapel was dimly lit up and was filled with smokes. The man sat next to her and intently looked into her eyes. “Your soul is drifting from us; you are no longer zealous as you once were. Why is it so?” the man asked.

“I was made an offer of blessings, riches and peace to join you, but all I have received since that day have been losses. Tell me priest, why should I be happy with something which takes away what I have?” “This was all a test.

And you brought it upon yourself in the first place. The lords had cut you some slack for the much sacrifices you had made. However, when they saw your heart had become bitter, and that you no longer visited the chapel, they asked for your son’s strength. Much to everyone’s surprise, you gave it like in old times…” Mrs. Asibong took a sigh of relief and asked, “So my son’s strength will be returned to him?”

“After you passed the test, you became rebellious. You should have waited to hear from the lords before seeking other means to help your son.” “I was not rebellious! I am a mother! Do you know what it means to give away your son’s future? When I gave you his strength, I gave away all the seeds in him!” she shot back angrily.

The man regarded her for a moment and shook his head unhappily. “Do you remember that Udo told you there would be a way for your son to please his wife and have babies?” As she paused to recall that, the knowledge of it came rushing back to her.


She raised her head to say something and the man touched her forehead and said, “Go back home, the lords are not happy with you. Your heart has become bitter and dark against us.” “No!!!!” she screamed as she faded away from the man’s presence. In an instant, she found herself back in her office.

Monaco, the Honeymoon
“I don’t feel like going back home yet, baby,” Janet said, resting her head on his chest as they lay on the beach. “Back home we can still have as much fun as we want, we can’t spend much longer time here.” “I know, but don’t forget we waited for this moment for a long time.” “Yes, we did. However, I feel like going home. I don’t know why, but that is how I feel. “Okay, if you feel strongly about it, we had better start going home.”

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