Saturday, 6 April 2019

So Funny - Never allow friends break your home

So funny!

A man married his heartthrob. After almost 10 years in the marriage the wife became an Oil tycoon. She runs a thriving business that takes her to almost every part of the world. The husband, still scraping by.
The woman loved her hubby. He drives her everywhere and she seeks out his opinion on almost all matters. Jolly fellows. The husband has 5 out of the 9 cars on the fleet. With the least being a 2012 Prado jeep. Big boy. His wife takes care of him.

Okay, the meat of the story!! The man was with his friends at a regular hangout and the conversation that ensued is both hilarious and a huge lesson:

Friend: "You! I am sorry for you. Your wife has used your destiny. She's so rich whilst you're merely scraping by. Doing fake big boy. We all know your wife is the source of all your bigboyism. Oloshi!! You better think twice. Snatch your destiny away from her before she will finish you !

Husband: "Thanks for the advice. You see, let me tell you something you don't know o. I am 45 years old now and my marriage is just 10years old and for 35 years as a bachelor, I didn't know how to use my destiny. I was suffering, no clothes, no car, couldn't afford a good accommodation.

Even to eat na wahala! Now I got married 10 years ago to my wife and she knows how to use my destiny. Now I drive the latest cars and travel with her to any part of the world that even you my friends whose destinies are not been used haven't been to before.

If her usage of my destiny has given me joy, rest/peace of mind and great comfort like this, then I am going home right now to inform my wife to continue using my destiny o. Infact! She must make sure she finish the destiny. It must not remain o....😃😂

Never allow friends break your home


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