Saturday, 11 May 2019

Be rooted and be strong in your endeavors

Be rooted and be strong in your endeavors. Obstacles would come like the wind but fight the good fight. Ignore every form of distractions, people are watching and waiting. Do not live your life to satisfy the expectations of the world. Take your time, work on your foundation (be rooted). For those of us with the energy like the wind, I advice we channel it to the right things.

Be strong, choose your battles wisely, there are fight that doesn't worth your energy and time... Leave it for the dungeon. Be rooted on being a better you and systematically bring out the best version of you as you strive.. Do not jump on every opportunity, be the force that is known to influence others positively. You don't have to be perfect to influence others positively, we are all work in progress.


What you repeatedly do defines you, how you go about it defines you, good begets good, bad begets bad. No matter how poignant we think we are at every point in time, there is something that is bigger than us and it will humble us when we use it to rub others their joy....
Silence is the venom that killed the vocal cords... When you close your mouth to every situation... Watch the outcome.

#GoodMorning and enjoy the rest of your day.
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